Caribbean Stud Poker - Glossary

When you first start out playing any new game at an online casino, one of the most annoying things for any new player can be the lack of knowledge or understanding of all the associated terminology for each individual casino game. This is no different when it comes to the game of Caribbean Stud Poker, and in fact because it’s a variant of a more traditional style of poker, not everyone has a working knowledge of what all of the game terminology is or even means.

To give you a helping hand when you’re first starting out playing Caribbean Stud Poker, our team at have put together a glossary of all the terms associated with this poker variant. Hopefully by learning all the associated game lingo, you will feel more at ease when you make your first steps towards playing this game at an online casino. Take your time and read through these explanations carefully, and be sure to make notes on anything that you feel is either important or that you might not remember straight away. It’s always better to be cautious, checking and re-checking information if and when necessary. This enables you to reduce the amount of mistakes you may make during an actual real game.

The following glossary is a collection of terminology used within the game of Caribbean Stud Poker, for both online and land based casinos.

Glossary of Terms

Arc-en-ciel (Rainbow)

More commonly known as a rainbow in English, this term refers to three cards which are completely different in suit and value.


This term refers to cards that all have the same colour.


This term refers to Cards that all hold the same numerical value.

Three-Of-A- Kind

This term refers to three cards which are numerically the same.


This term refers to a bet placed by the player which is of equal value to that placed by the dealer.


This term refers to four cards that have the same numerical value.

Closed cards

This term refers to cards dealt by the dealer that are not viewable by the player.

Open cards

This term refers to cards dealt by the dealer that are viewable by the player.


This term refers to a Hand consisting of five cards of the same suit: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds or Clubs.


This term means to give up or abandon your hand.


A stack of 52 cards used during game of Caribbean Stud Poker.


This term refers to the distribution of cards as effected by the dealer.

Full House Draw

A hand that consists of three of a kind plus a pair.


This term refers to the units of betting used in Caribbean Stud Poker.


The best combination of five cards by a player, including open and closed cards.


This term refers to the amount wagered or staked by a player.


A term meaning that you are the first to bet in a round.


Two cards of the same numerical value.


The total amount of all bets at the table during a round.


The commission taken on the total bets made a player in online casinos.


Five cards of different colours which follow each other numerically e.g. A, 2, 3, 4, 5

Straight flush

This term refers to It is a straight with cards of the same colour e.g. 9, 10, J, Q, K

Royal Straight Flush

This term refers to It is a straight flush which contains an ace e.g. 10, J, Q, K, A


An expression that means the player has to draw a card he expected to complete his hand.


All the community cards placed on the Caribbean Stud Poker table.

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