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The Origins of Caribbean Stud Poker

caribbean poker caribbean poker

Caribbean Poker is a variant of the popular card game that is played in land based and online casinos worldwide. Like blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker allows a player to pit his skills against the dealer face-to-face in a true heads up style of gameplay.

This tropical game variant first emerged in Aruba, a small autonomous state in the Dutch Antilles. A Former Dutch territory, Aruba is located near to Venezuela. According to our sources, the game was first seen at the Holiday Inn & Casino in the late 1980s, and it’s in this very hotel that Caribbean Poker was born. It was in memory of this historical legacy that the Holiday Inn & Casino was chosen to host the 2005 World Series of Poker.

From 1989 Caribbean Stud Poker spread all over nearby islands, practiced clandestinely by sailors. In 1992, Caribbean Stud Poker established itself as a new gaming style and was adopted by the hallowed casinos of Las Vegas Nevada. Their dissatisfaction with the game led casino experts in Las Vegas to add some huge progressive jackpots to existing Caribbean Stud Poker games, which is now a key part of the game itself. Caribbean Stud Poker has become extremely popular with many players, thanks to its often astronomical jackpots and especially since it is now possible to play it at an online casino and compete for huge progressive jackpots. Indeed, online casinos and software providers all offer their own versions of Caribbean Stud Poker, a game that is not only fun to play but also and above all, relaxing.

The popularity of the game is a global success, players from Europe to New Zealand and from the US to India play it in large numbers. If you are looking for an international casino to experience this in, for example, anonline casino in India, then click here.

The Basics of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker has always been a game that has continually created controversy and above all lots of excitement, remind us the really famous French website univers-des-jeux.net. Its appearance remains very exotic and has a particularly special effect on players that enjoy its subtleties. As in many other poker games, players are required to pay an initial bet or ante to see their first cards. Therefore, when the dealer turns over the last card of the board, players can start betting in a normal fashion, in the same way as all other variants of poker.

Each time the player wishes to continue to be in contention during the game, they need to double the amount of the ante, as explained here. Unlike a variant such as 3 Card Poker, it should be noted that the player has the means to buy a new card by taking a trade also. This action is also not free and will cost on times the ante to the player. The real advantage to be found in Caribbean Stud Poker however is that the Bank or dealer is not eligible to play the round if they do not possess an Ace and a King at least. If the dealer qualifies, their hand and that of the player are compared and it is the strongest hand that wins the round!

Progressive Jackpots and Caribbean Stud Poker

As a way of making Caribbean Stud Poker more attractive to the players at land based and online casinos, operators set about fine tuning a progressive jackpot system to be used for Caribbean Stud Poker. Since its addition to the game, progressive jackpots have helped enhance Caribbean Studs profile immeasurably, with the game exploding in popularity across the board as a direct result.

The progressive jackpot system works as follows. As an easy example given by Romeo from www.kenoonlineincanada.ca, on a bet of $1, around 0.70 cents goes towards the progressive jackpot and the remaining 0.30 cents goes towards the casino itself. Any funds from this progressive jackpot can only be won by landing a flush draw or better.

The payout tables will be different for each establishment you play at but the most common system is to have a payout of 100% of the jackpot upon hitting a Royal Flush and then around 10% for hitting a flush and above. In the event that 2 players produce a Royal Flush draw then it will be the player to the right of the dealer who wins 10% of the total prize fund and then the next player would receive 10% of the total prize fund minus the payout for player 1.

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